Chassis Testing

CEE can perform chassis dyno testing where the whole vehicle is put on 48” rolls and follows a cycle that is inputted.  Click Here 

Engine Testing

CEE has several engine dyno cells where it can perform many cycles required by the EPA, CARB, and foreign agencies.  Engine dynos can run up to 1,000 horse power.  Click Here 

Motorcycle Testing

Our professional drivers routinely drive our approved durability course known as the AMA (American Motors Association) route as well as the SRC.   Click Here

SHED Testing

CEE has three VVVT (Variable Volume Variable Temperature) SHED test areas. An in-house computer program controls the test operations. Click Here


Why Choose  US

We have been conducting tests since 1984.



Full Service.

We have a full service major emission laboratory committed to developing products and increasing services to accommodate customers needs.  


On Top of Regulations.

California Environmental Engineering continually strives to keep in front of new emission regulations nationally and statewide.


We Are Certified.

As a major EPA-recognized and CARB-Certified mobile source emissions laboratory, we are continually upgrading our testing facilities and equipment .

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