ferrariDyno_thumbCEE can perform chassis dyno testing where the whole vehicle is put on 48” rolls and follows a cycle that is inputted.  CEE can test gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuel vehicles in this section.  CEE has several cycles it can run on the chassis dyno depending on the needs of the client.


Here is a list of tests and service we can perform on the Chassis dyno’s

  • PREP
  • FTP City
  • LA4
  • Highway
  • US06
  • SC03
  • SFTP
  • Hot 505
  • Electric Cycle
  • PM
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dyno coast down verification
  • Dyno Coefficient determination
  • OBD II verification
  • Mileage Accumulation
  • Fuel and Drain


Please email us if you have custom cycles requests as well


CaytonECE-50_thumb dynoRoom_thumb testing-computers_thumb testing-computers2_thumb ferrariDyno_thumb